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Team LifeLine

Photo Magnets In Miami Beach

Ready, Set, Go

Wow, We're so happy to meet all of you, so many good people who gather for a good cause. 

We had the pleasure to come to your marathon registration event at the Eden Roc hotel.

This beautiful place is a perfect meeting place for events and we loved the location. 

The music by DJ Yehuda Productions, was amazing and up bit, made us working on your photo magnet with rhythm.

We shared our printing space with The Printing Buddha, who printed gust names on your high quality Jerseys.

The view at the terrace was so nice and the food was delicious. 

Thank you all for coming, donating and providing a whole new meaning to the word "together".

We appreciate the opportunity to create photo magnet for every one of you. 

Thank you and BH will see you in the next event.


Momento Makers.

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