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You have an event to plan, and we know you have a lot on your mind right now,

let us take some stress away by making beautiful MOMENTOS that will make your event unforgettable. -Do you give RAWS? Nope, we don't . we want you you to have our very best finished work, which including designing and editing.

- Do you use photoshop? Nope, we don't. We do have photoshop, but we don't believe in "fixing" people appearance. - How do deposit work? In order to save your date, it requires you to deposit part of the payment at the time of booking .

The remaining will due before we leaving your event , and it can be done by cash,debit, cc, pay- pal.

The deposit is non-refundable.

-Can you shoot outdoors?

Yes, we do. In case it's too windy or our equipment can be ruined by the weather, we'll have to shoot and set

up indoors.

We are here to give you now (and for your guests later) the best customers service, so please do hesitate to ask us anything that on your mind, call, text, email. we are here to work for you.

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